why smoking is addictive?

While you may know that you need to quit smoking there will still be some questions on how you can quit smoking. News Break – Smoking is addictive. But the question that you need answered is why smoking is addictive and how you can break the addiction to smoking. Without going into the science of addiction, it can be plainly answered that smoking is both physically and psychologically addictive, not only does your body crave smoking but so does your mind.

Smokers quite often become creatures of habit, they wake up they smoke, they go through their daily activities they smoke, and when they prepare to go to bed at night, they smoke. Why is this? Well quite simply this is because they have psychologically become used to the process of smoking. However, there are many ways to trick your body and mind and punch away the smoking cravings. One of the ways is to use an electronic cigarette.

With an electronic cigarette, your body and mind will think that it is smoking because you are using the electronic cigarette. While the electronic cigarette does not have the same noxious toxins and poisons as a cigarette, an electronic cigarette will allow you to retain the smoking habit without the dangerous side affects.

Electronic cigarettes are not a new phenomenon and have been around for many years and most importantly many people have used electronic cigarettes to successfully quit smoking. The concept of the electronic cigarette even extends back to the early 19th century when serious smokers used to add substances with bite to a piece of straw. The bite from the substance relieved the smoker of the cravings for nicotine and cravings and they could go about their daily activities without the need for a cigarette.

The concept has not changed but with the advances in modern technology, smokers can now use the electronic cigarette that satisfies all of their tobacco cravings. Electronic cigarettes are definitely the answer to all of your quit smoking needs and will help you effortlessly and painlessly.
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