As you can see, we have provided you with the necessary guidance to quit smoking now. But our support for you does not end here because we want to make sure that you are successful in your journey to quit smoking. So while our initial journey with you to quit smoking may have come to an end do not forget there is still some way to go so that you do not relapse and take up smoking again. You don’t want to have to go through the process to quit smoking again.

You have made great steps in your journey to quit smoking so keep up the great work. Your life as a non-smoker is sure to lead you into a more fruitful life where you have the health and energy to do just about anything you want to. And as we said, you have effectively quit smoking the easy way, there have been no set backs, hurdles, or any discomfort. While there was a need for you to quit smoking, it did not have to be a hard process.

Now that you have quit smoking, you can really be proud of your achievements. Many people try to quit smoking but no everybody succeeds. However, you have stood out as a winner and completed your journey to quit smoking with distinction. You have proven yourself to be a non-smoker.
While many people will never quit smoking, now you can remove your self from the social stigma of smoking and the health issues that smoking brings about. All because of your effective use of the electronic cigarette, to remove the unwanted cravings, while you quit smoking.  People need to remember that to quit smoking they are entering an arena that is unfamiliar to them, they need to use every tool available in their fight to quit smoking, and the electronic cigarette is one of the greatest tools to divert the need to smoke an actual cigarette. The electronic cigarette is the catalyst for everyone in his or her journey to quit smoking.
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