There are so many reasons to quit smoking and all of them can be related back to health issues, not only for you, but also for health issues related to your family. While every reason to quit smoking could be regarded as compelling we have listed five compelling reasons. You already know about the health issues to quit smoking or otherwise you would not be here so get ready for the five most compelling reasons:

Compelling Reason One - By stopping smoking the health issues surrounding smoking will be removed and you will be able to lead a healthier more enjoyable life with out the fear of being struck down by smoking related to smoking.

Compelling Reason Two - Your smoking has health issues for your most important asset, your family. Imagine the health issues surrounding your little children sucking in your second hand smoke, now imagine the damage it is doing to their lungs – Not a nice picture is it. These are the people you love so don’t let smoking related health issues cause them to suffer and potentially face life threatening health issues.
Compelling Reason Three - The cost to you for smoking related health issues. Have a good think about how much extra you have paid in medical and pharmaceutical expenses because of smoking related health issues. How much have you already spent and how much more can you expect to pay for smoking related health issues if you don’t quit smoking now.

Compelling Reason Four - Lead by example. How do you expect to warn your children of the smoking related health issues in an attempt to prevent them from smoking if you don’t lead by example. Your children look up to you and will be guided by what you do and do not do. If you show them that you are a smoker then they are more likely to think that smoking is acceptable and eventually turn to the addictive habit suffering from the health related consequences later in life.

Compelling Reason Five - Your health depends on it. Think about it, if you quit smoking now you can expect to live a longer more fruitful life. The health issues associated with smoking will leave you out of breath, ill, lethargic, and a social outcast. The health issues alone should be enough to make you stop smoking now.
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